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Little morning pal and Pelican Rapids.

— 1 week ago
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Dj walks up to me and points at projector screen playing shark week and shouts “That’s the shit you should be doing!”

Jeff: You’re gonna need a bigger fish box

Raven Pub
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Amazing blue skies today. A nice relief from all the smoke that’s been blown this way.

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Finally! Blue skies! Gotta love them. And helicopters, always love helicopters.

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Highly appreciative of blue skies and clouds.

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Today I am grateful for:
1. North winds, for bringing cooler temperatures, surpressing biting insects and clearing away smoke.
2. Our kind pilot Bruce, who let me borrow his jacket and toque as I was not prepared for a cold windy day.
3. The distance between myself and a wolf pack of four, as they are beautiful yet powerful creatures which were spotted on the opposite shore of a large lake.

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Apparently Labrador tea comes in Jurassic size.

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